Avoid Costly Airport Parking Fees With Eastside Transportation

Chances are, you’ve already figured out how you’ll get to and from the airport for your next trip, and if you’re driving yourself to the airport, you’ll want to get up to speed with the airport parking rates. Before you finish planning your next trip, be sure to do your research on airport parking fees. Once you learn how outrageous the fees are for some airport parking lots, the very last thing you’ll want to spend your hard-earned vacation dollars on is airport parking fees!

Do The Math: Airport Shuttle vs. Airport Parking

Be sure to first look into the parking situation at your airport. Most likely you’ll find that there are various parking areas that range from hourly, daily, and long term. The fees for each type of lot vary, and you’ll want to calculate the number of days you’ll be parked by the fees for the type of lot you will be using. Airport parking fees can be quite substantial, and we understand that you’re probably not willing to give up your vacation dollars on something such as parking that can’t really be enjoyed. When you rely on the trusted airport shuttle service of Eastside Transportation, you can rest easy knowing you’re paying less for a roundtrip airport shuttle than you would’ve paid to have your car sitting idle for a week or longer.

More Than Just Cost Savings

While most people enjoy the cost savings from using Eastside Transportation’s Greenville Spartanburg airport shuttle service, there are other great benefits you’ll appreciate:

  • Convenience: Airport shuttle rides are the stress-free way to get you to and from the airport without the worry of navigating the streets, traffic, and rush-hour backups. By simply picking up the phone, or using our online reservation form, your airport transportation is taken care of – simple!
  • Comfortable ride: Whether you’re riding in style in one of our luxurious limos or a motor coach, you’ll find that our late-model shuttle fleet is always clean and comfortable. Unlike with a taxi service where you’re never sure exactly in what condition your car will be, you can always count on the Eastside Transportation fleet to be well maintained, climate controlled, and comfortable.
  • Punctual service: To and from the airport, our arrival times are on-time, every time. If your flight time has changed, don’t stress, we’ll be waiting for you at just the right time.

Book Your Airport Shuttle Ride Today

When you’re planning the details of your next vacation, call Eastside Transportation at 864-4A TOWNCAR (428-6962) for a quote on your roundtrip airport shuttle.